What would Kevin Bacon do?

For anyone out there who gets to work on a couple of skinny pieces of rubber, you likely draw a lot of inspiration from Kevin Bacon’s classic cycling movie Quicksilver. Who wouldn’t want to emulate the story of a stock market whiz-kid turned bike courier who dons a mauve beret and a tapeless handlebar as he hammers recklessly through the streets of San Fran delivering packages?

Ok, maybe just me.

But when I am out there battling the traffic and congestion on my bike, I often find myself in situations where my only logical source of guidance comes from these five words: “What would Kevin Bacon do?”

These words play over and over in my head when approaching an intersection at speed,  navigating through lanes of backed up traffic, or dodging delivery trucks as they make blind right turns. But beyond just trying to emulate the Bacon, it is important to consider the degree of ‘Bacon-ness’ that is being exuded. Surely drafting behind a garbage truck is more Bacon than simply rolling through an unoccupied 4-way stop. So how to categorize such daredevil acts?

With bacon, of course.

The scale is 1 to 5 (strips of bacon) and looks something like this, but in true bacon spirit, it is not strict and is open to interpretation:


Rolling through an unoccupied 4-way stop, Getting the jump on a green light.



Taking a lane on a two-lane road, riding the gutter to pass a line of traffic.


Holding onto a parked car’s rearview mirror in order to stay clipped in at a stoplight, riding between two lines of traffic when approaching a stoplight.



Holding onto a moving car’s rearview through an intersection to save energy, blowing through a busy 4-way stop or stoplight.



Drafting behind a bus going 75K all the way over the Lions Gate Bridge (I saw a guy do this once)

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  1. Awsome – to bad Bacon is bad for your health. I’ll be dishing out some Pork Chops on the way home tonight.

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