A Million Feet for Pancreatic Cancer

Four Seymours to go…

I’m oh so close to my million foot goal for 2017! The big news here is that I’ve set a date for my million foot ride – November 18th @ 10am. We’ll meet at the parking lot of the Parkgate Community Centre and ride up Mt. Seymour from there. After the ride, I’m planning an impromptu celebration at the base. Rain, snow, sleet or shine! Can’t make it? Please consider making a donation (click Donate Now above).


Cy’all on the 18th!



Fall Update – Almost There!

900,000 feet and counting as of October 2017! That’s Over 100 times up Mt. Seymour, close to 10,000 km and 460 hours in the saddle… But, I’ve got a small problem. I’m a terrible fundraiser! So now that my vertical goal is in sight, I’m making a big push to bring in donations and help build awareness for this important cause. Compelled to donate? Go for it! Still need some convincing, check out my latest videos.


So why did I embark on this journey all those months ago?

Last year, I decided that I’d like to do more than just ride my bike around in circles (bike racing) or get better at riding my bike around in circles (training). I wanted to find a way to keep doing what I love (riding my bike) while giving back in some way.

So I landed on a dual challenge:

  1. Climb one million vertical feet in one calendar year… all while keeping my job, my family and my sanity.
  2. Help find a cure for pancreatic cancer – a disease with a 6% survival rate.

I believe both can be achieved and I’d love to have you along for the journey.

Whether it’s by donating, joining me out on the road, or giving me some support of encouragement on social media, it all makes a difference. You can follow my journey right here, on Instagram and Twitter or out on the road – just look for the pink bartape!
I’m riding in support of a mission my cycling club (Glotman Simpson Cycling) has been on for nine years. In this time, our Cypress Challenge event has raised over $2 million for pancreatic cancer research. This is the largest community fundraiser for the BC Cancer Foundation and largest annual fundraiser for pancreatic cancer across Canada.